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Welcome to CRES Realty, Inc.
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 SOLD JUNE 15, 2013

your first time out looking for a home or have you been
searching for months, looking for a place to call home?

In real estate there are listing agents and there are selling agents.
When you're looking for a home on the web
90 percent of the agents you come across are listing agents.
They are fundamentally interested in selling  their listing, and NOT in finding you the home of your dreams.
CRES Realty, Inc. is a real estate firm dedicated to representing you. We  present to our buyers ALL the homes that are available in the area of
 choice and in the price range of their budget.
Downpayment Grant Info

We present all the ins and outs of buying a home today, price, down payment, financing, disclosure, tax 
advantages, equity build-up
and the "A" word, Appreciation in value.
We do not sell you a listing.